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Domestic Electrical Vehicle Charger Installations

Peak Power, will be pleased to provide a free outline EV installation survey of a customer’s property to determine the suitability and type of installation for the customer for their hybrid or fully-electric vehicle(s). We will also recommend the type of Electrical Vehicle (EV) charger that is most suitable for the customer’s needs, depending upon the considerations outlined below.

The following issues will be examined as part of the EV installation survey at the customer’s house, to determine:

Type(s) of vehicle(s) to be charged

  • Mild hybrid or PHEV?

  • Fully electric

  • Maximum charging currents, desired charging time (standard or fast-charge) and type of connectors (type 2 or 3)

Proposed location of charger

  • The location must be safe from physical damage and mounted at the required height

  • Do the vehicles have their own charging cables or does the EV Charger need to have a “tether” (ie: a cable incorporated into the EV charger that plugs into the vehicle)

Page 1 - PHEV Charging.jpg

Mains electricity supply & peak house demand

  • Incoming mains electricity capacity (usually 100A or 60A).

  • Suitability of existing Consumer Unit (fuse-board) to feed the EV charger. Alternatively, a feed for the EV charger may be directly made between the electricity meter and the Consumer Unit (DNO may have to install a mains isolation switch in this case).

  • Type of main earthing arrangement for the house may influence the type of EV charger to be used.

  • Maximum power demand of the EV Charger Vs available capacity of the house. This may require “diversity calculations” to be undertaken or a “power study” which we can undertake.

Notification to the DNO

  • Peak Power, as part of the installation contract, will submit all the relevant documents required by the DNO (Distributed Network Operator), who are responsible for the electricity infrastructure bringing power to your property.


Selection of EV Charger:

  • The selection of the smart EV charger will depend upon the results of the EV Installation Survey that will be undertaken by our team. From a simple 7.2KW single-phase “mode 2 or 3” charger to a more sophisticated load management model, Peak Power will recommend the most cost-effective solution for you.


Scope of Work:

  • This scope of work for the installation entirely depends on the issues above that will be reviewed during the installation survey.

  • Some installations are quite straightforward, whilst others are more complex. Such installations may need the installation of a new consumer unit and require armoured cable to be buried in trenches between the power-supply and the EV charging unit.


Installation and test:

  • Full testing will be undertaken as part of the installation services, and an installation certificate provided as required by the regulations. All work will be compliant with the Building Regulations (Part P), and the IET Code of Practise for Electrical Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation – 4th Edition.


Operation and Warranty:

  • The EV Chargers we install will come with Smart features and include an App for remote monitoring an sometimes operation, depending on the model.

  • Peak Power offers a 3-year warranty on its EV Charger installations


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